The inner building

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Den inre byggnaden

The inner building in the Dome of Visions has been created by the architecture student Stefania Dinea, who won a competition at the School of Architecture at KTH in spring 2015. There is space for meetings in the building, which has been inspired by Minecraft.

Den inre byggnaden

The competition was organized by NCC and KTH, which now jointly run the Dome of Visions. In the winning entry, “Everchange Module”, Dinea was inspired by the computer game Minecraft. The result is a two-story building in solid wood that is divided into sectors, each of which with its own function. These include two conference facilities, available for rent. The building is framed with oxygen-generating vertical green walls. “The ‘Everchange Module’ inspires us to think about how we can live on other planets”, the jury wrote in its explanation of the winning proposal.

Stefania Dinea was associated with Studio 4 at the School of Architecture, where master students are tasked with shifting boundaries for what architecture is by studying what it can be. The focus for the 2014-2015 academic year, which is when the competition was held, was ‘Architecture for extreme conditions’, such as in space. Students faced a substantial challenge when they sketched their ideas for the competition, as the proposals had to satisfy strict climate requirements.

Jury reasoning for the winning entry:

“By addressing the fact that cities are growing and are in a continual process of change, the winning project uses construction sites as a temporary display window for sustainable construction and social awareness. With inspiration from Minecraft, the customizable structure offers a promise of the pragmatic co-creation of an ongoing experiment adapted to future challenges. We, the jury, look forward to seeing the “Everchange Module” adapted to the Dome of Visions in a playful and challenging way.”

Karolina Keyzer, City Architect

Facts about KTH’s and NCC’s architectural competition

Jury: Christina Lindbäck (NCC), Christer Fuglesang (KTH Space Center), Kent Martinussen (Danish Architecture Centre), Kristoffer Tejlgaard (Architect Dome of Visions), Ulla Bergström (White Architects), Anders Johansson (Vice Dean KTH School of Architecture) and Karolina Keyzer (Stockholm City Architect).

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