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Curatorial statement

“Land and earth. Our planet is still the foundation and a prerequisite for all life. Gravitation keeps us on the ground even if we have begun to look out into the universe for alternatives. Clean water and fertile soil are essential for life to continue. Sometimes, it feels as though humanity has forgotten this. Or rationalized away this in its hunt for minerals, energy, exclusive types of wood and rising consumption.

Dome of Visions, Björn Norberg.

Björn Norberg.

As part of the Enriched by Earth theme, we are searching for alternatives and move horizontally along the land. How can we use soil and land in a sustainable way? How does it look under the soil? Can we extract what we find there in a sustainable way? Or should what we find under the soil remain down there? And how does it look under the surface of the city?”

Björn Norberg, Curator