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A collection of interesting material from our activities at the Dome of Visions. We want to inspire you!

The urban pod from the Dome of Visions is the only podcast in Sweden about sustainable urban development and is presented in collaboration with NCC. Each month, Per Ankersjö meets interesting politicians, researchers and opinion formers in the Dome of Visions at KTH in Stockholm to discuss a theme within sustainable urban-development.



Concert: Skärstråk

Opening of the Katarina Löfström exhibition

Feminist urban planning

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Part 2 of the seminars

Part 3 of the seminars

Part 4 of the seminars

Gerhard Eckel – Rattling the Dome

Concert with Le DBN

Performance, Eco-Circus in Dome of Visions

Concert by Kongl. Teknologkörens, May 19 2016

“Trade and industry, sponsors and patrons in urban planning”

Gerhard Eckel- Rattling the Dome, April 5, 2016.

Podcast by Angelo Vermeulens