Theme periods

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The Dome of Vision’s theme periods:

  • Urban Diversity (June – October 2017)

Current theme period: Urban Diversity

“Imagine if there are no alternatives. Would there even be a future in such a case? Imagine if all cities looked the same, and your block was identical to your neighbors’ block. Imagine if everyone had the same thoughts and our exterior was a standardized uniform. Imagine if all people moved in the same direction. The planet would then tip over.

Diversity eradicates naivety and is as important in nature as it is in culture. The Dome of Visions ends its guest appearance at KTH by celebrating diversity, knowledge and the visions of the future.”

Björn Norberg, curator

There will be exciting meetings between the business sector, science, politics and culture. See our program here. Do you want to stay up to date on events? Follow us on the Dome of Vision’s Facebook page.

Previous theme periods:

  • Influenced by Space (September – November 2015)
  • Energised by Nature (December – February 2016)
  • Empowered by the City (March – May 2016)
  • Challenged by Water (June – October 2016)
  • Adapting to Temperature (November 2016 – Februari 2017)
  • Enriched by Earth (March – May 2017)