Shelter for all

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Ludvig Hofsten och bild ur hans vinnande bidrag.

Shelter for all, a surprising architecture competition targeting the city’s very small but important inhabitants, has been settled.

Shelter for all, a surprising architecture competition targeting the city’s very small but important inhabitants, has been settled.

Ludvig Hofsten, who is studying his last year at Lund Technical University (LTH), won SEK 20,000 for his entry Hangout Habitat. He says he will use the prize money to buy a new computer to help him in his work.

“I was in my fourth year in Tokyo and Kengo Kuma was one of my teachers. With inspiration from Japan, I wanted to create a public and changing meeting space between people and insects. Plants and animals change with the seasons, the contents of the shelves can therefore either be replenished or removed depending on which insects decide to live there,” says Ludvig Hofsten.
The prize was awarded on September 30, 2016, in the Dome of Visions on the campus of the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm. All ten finalists, including the winner, were exhibited at the Dome of Visions.
“Biological diversity is important to us as a society builder and developer. We need to find ways to build structures that also take into account the needs of insects, say, in order to strengthen flora and fauna in urban areas. The advantage with the winning entry was that it included the interaction between people and insects from a learning perspective,” says Christina Lindbäck SVP Corporate Sustainability at NCC and member of the competition jury.

Jury’s statement:

”The more urban we become as people, the more detached we become from the ecosystem. Hangout Habitat links people and insects in an innovative and interesting way. The proposal promotes a sense of curiosity about biodiversity while also featuring an effective and considered choice of plants and materials. As the name suggests, Hangout Habitat has all of the necessary prerequisites to serve as a hangout on the campus of the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), allowing insects, plants and people to interact and live in symbiosis together. The light and flexible design emphasizes the interplay between humans, plants and insects and offers the option of separate spaces within the construct of a cohesive structure. The geometrically streamlined structure is easy to install and would serve as a welcome addition to many urban areas.”

The design competition was created by the Dome of Visions in partnership with NCC, KTH, BeeUrban and the Museum of Natural History, supported by Architects Sweden.
The competition was aimed at architecture students at: Umeå School of Architecture, KTH School of Architecture, LTH Architecture, Chalmers Architecture, Konstfack, HDK, BTH, SLU Ultuna and SLU Alnarp.

See the entire winning entry:
Ida Aronson and Anna Jonsson, students at LTH, received an honorable mention for Flowers and wine.

Babel by Hanna Johansson, student at Chalmers
Bee Aware by Ulrik Montnemery & Rui Liu, students at LTH
Manifestation by Johanna Romedahl Stjernqvist & Kristofer Agdahl, students at KTH
Rest and Fly by Ida Wressel and Eva Troive, students at UMA
The Hub by Jakob Wermelin, student at LTH
The LOG INN by Malin Holmbom, student at UMA
The Wind Is Finally With Us by André Backlund, student at UMA
Urban Insect Habitat by Rickard Ramberg, student at LTH