Changing what we eat

12 december

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Changing what we eat – with the help of art, design and gastronomy
Insights from ”new” disciplines in envisioning and building a more sustainable food future.

The Food Climate research Network, based at University of Oxford is hosting an event in Stockholm in connection with the Nobel week dialogue on the Future of Food, together with co-organisers SLU Future Agriculture, Dome of visions , KTH and Art and Science Initiative.

This will be an innovative and inspiring discussion bringing together different stakeholders and perspectives around ethics, norms and values related to shifting food consumption patterns. We are keen to explore what more traditional research entities can learn from the design, arts and gastronomy communities about promoting and facilitating food system change and a transition to a more sustainable food future.

Gastronomers/chefs, artists, designers, graphic designers, PR professionals, food producers and others will join an open, constructive and inspiring dialogue with researchers and science communicators, to explore new ways of thinking about food sustainability and eating practices. How can design-thinking and other approaches be used to facilitate dietary change for increased sustainability? How can we link food experiences/pleasure and sustainability?

Speakers include:
Dr Tara Garnett, Food Climate Research Network (University of Oxford)
Dr Elin Röös, Researcher SLU (Future Agriculture)
Dr Line Gordon, Stockholm Resilience Center
David Cuartielles co-founder of the Arduino platform: and teacher at Malmö University
Roberto Flore, Head of Culinary Research and Development – Nordic Food Lab (Copenhagen)
Afton Halloran, GREEiNSECT PhD Fellow / SSHRC Doctoral Fellow (Copenhagen University)
Dr Teo Enlund, KTH, Senior project manager Green Leap and Associate Professor in Technical Design
Gunnar Frykfors, Nordisk Råvara AB (Winner of innovation agency Vinnova’s competition on climate-smart protein)

Read more on the event website. Note that you will have to register to secure a spot, you can do so here: If you have questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Marie Persson, Food Climate Research Network (FCRN) Phone: +46730579099.

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12 december


14:00 - 18:30

Note that you will have to register to secure a spot, you can do so here:


Valhallavägen 79