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31 mars

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Konsert och skivrelease – i samarbete med Sing a Song Fighter and Oma333.

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Sing a Song Fighter and Oma333 proudly invite you to the Dome Of Visions on Friday March 31st for an evening to celebrate us pulling off the impossible and realising a dream!

This event we mark the release of a DIY avant pop masterpiece for the first time ever on vinyl. Made by Amos and Sara, and originally put out on tape in 1981, this album features members of a bunch of iconic British post punk bands such as The Homosexuals, Tesco Bombers and Sara Goes Pop. It’s called ”Amos and Sara Sing The Private World of Amos” and it means a great deal to us both.

Here is a small taster; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=czJfa_qA3kA

Powered by a fine mix of determination and passion, Karl Jonas Winqvist somehow tracked down Jim/Amos and amazingly he agreed to trust us to bring this project to life. Along the road we asked Lotti to recreate the tape’s original back cover with her typewriter, hired Timothy Stollenwerk (the expert ears behind many of the Mississippi Records releases) to re-master the tracks and brought aboard Peter Larsson to bring the album’s title back to life, design a sticker and help us piece it all together.

The Dome of Visions, by KTH, came into this picture at just the right time as the perfect setting for this. The space is almost a co-headlining act in itself, so this is the ideal time to come see this beautiful building if you haven’t been before, or a great excuse to come again if you have.

So here we are and this is the plan!

18 – Open (doors, bar, joyful smiles, expectations)
19 – Film screening of ”The Way Out” 33 mins (!!!)
20 – Aina Myrstener live set (short and unique)
21 – Rebecca Digby live set (backed by herself)
22 – Close (people leave happy with record)

18-22 – DJ Jens Lundström (Cul-De-Sac)

Special thanks to Björn Norberg of DOV for all the help and Christian Crusius for the photo
Mudchucker love from Sing a Song Fighter and Oma333 ♥

”Amos and Say say: We are the innovators, don’t be fooled by second rate imitators. Produced by King Cobra into glorious mono.. definitely not made in a studio…”

More information, quotes and links about everything below…


”The lucidity and rhythmic expression of this recording, and its remarkable themes, ensures ongoing recognition of this work as one of Amos and Sara’s finest achievements.”
Neal Brown (Tesco Bombers) – London, England. 2016

”At last! This legendary tape release from these unsung geniuses and main movers and shakers of the early 80s DIY movement finally sees a vinyl release!”
JD Twitch (Optimo) – Glasgow, Scotland. 2017

”Amos aka L Voag, Aka Jim Whelton, and the mysterious Sara, made some of the best dream-logic pop music in the whole of squatland during the early eighties. With a predilection for defracting lounge music through a sound prism, splitting jazz rhythms into its constituent parts and reflecting them in a fairground mirror. The result is something genuinely unhinged but strangely addictive. Amos and Sara are comfortably my favourite Homosexuals offshoot”
Jonny Zchivago, Die or DIY? blogspot. 2012


Film ‘The Way Out’ by Luke Fowler and Kosten Koper
Made in 2003 and is 33 minutes long
Screening at 19

”The Way Out” profiles Xentos “Fray Bentos” Jones (aka Amos), one of the founding members of The Homosexuals, a band that lapsed into obscurity after self-releasing a number of groundbreaking records in the post-punk period. Although The Homosexuals disbanded without ever releasing an authorised LP, L Voag (aka Xentos aka Amos) released his own solo project, The Way Out, in 1979. The Way Out was a cut-up DIY concept album that imagined its musical context situated in an inverted parallel universe where pop music is made by Modernist, Serialist composers and the avant-garde is left to those on the fringes of acceptance. Amos (aka Xentos) continued to produce and distribute a mass of diverse tape projects throughout the 80’s on his own label, Its War Boys, spanning most known and unknown musical genres, under a myriad of multiple identities. THE WAY OUT interweaves new interviews, scripted scenes, found and filmed footage with unearthed Super 8 films by Xentos himself.

”Through found images, photos and flyers as well as Xento’s own flamboyant Super8 films, The Way Out looks at the musician as outsider, exploring the world of cultural production under the radar of commercially released pop and the contemporary music and art scene, confronting and provoking these hermetic worlds with a series of fictions, bluffs and false testimonies. As Xentos states “Of course I want to break the order, it’s so rigid”.”
-George Clark on Luke Fowler’s work for Mousse Magazine

Short clip here; http://blog.wfmu.org/freeform/2009/10/the-way-out-video.html


Aina Myrstener (live at 20)
A rarely seen or heard short electronic piece with cello samples from Aina Myrstener of presumably glorious levels of greatness.

”Aina Myrstener, som tidigare skrivit mycket musik för och med cello, kommer under kvällen framföra en kortare ljudkomposition där utgångspunkten är cellons toner, vibrationer och påverkan. Musiken framförs med förinspelade ljud som improviseras över.”



Rebecca Digby (live at 21)
Formerly known as Mole Says Hi, Rebecca x 2 projected high and wide, backing herself. She is a genius. You should know that.

”If you don’t know what to do, make music. If you don’t have a band, fake one. If you’re feeling lonely, you are not alone. If you have control, you’re an idiot. Not so much eye (love kitten edition) is a musical performance about digital social presence, home-fi pop, power dynamics and intimacy. Rebecca Digby is sometimes seen performing under the name Mole Says Hi. She was also part of the neo no-wave trio UFOFBI.”

After 1.00 in this clip you’ll get a taste of the set; https://vimeo.com/204908943


”we dial 998, completely out of spite”




31 mars


18:00 - 22:00

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