Robotics and real-time sensor feedback in architecture

26 september
Gramazio Kohler Research, In-Situ Fabricator

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Digital fabrication and robotics have been used in industrial settings for decades, but only recently have industrial robot arms made their way into architectural research and design. While originally unclear if this would be a short-lived “hype” or something more permanent, the exponential increase of robotics within the creative industry in recent years has shown that they are here to stay. Arcane knowledge of such technology previously belonged to specialized engineers. Fortunately, the synthesis and recent transfer of this knowledge has allowed architects, designers, researchers, educators, and artists to instigate their own robotic projects within the creative industry. This talk by Annie Locke Scherer, Doctoral Researcher at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, will explore a few full-scale, robotically fabricated architectural projects, showcasing the potential of robotics in architecture. It will also introduce some recent research into real-time sensing and feedback that allows designer-robot interaction, and discuss the implications of this technology in the future of architectural robotics.

Annie Locke is a doctoral researcher at KTH Architecture school.. She graduated from University of Michigan with a Masters in Architecture with a special focus on robotics and digital fabrication, and recently completed a one year M.Sc. post-professional degree at the University of Stuttgart Integrative Technologies (ITECH) program. With an interest in robotic fabrication and computational design, she has taken part in projects such as the 2014-2015 ITECH Pavilion, which integrated real time sensor feedback with robotic fabrication of a carbon fiber pavilion. In her spare time, she works on full-scale installations for participatory festivals such as Burning Man and The Borderland.

Photo: Gramazio Kohler Research, In-Situ Fabricator



26 september


15:00 - 16:30

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