Smart Spaces Seminar

12 april

Dela i sociala medier

Welcome to a seminar where we will explore what constitutes a smart space. Is the Dome of Visions smart? Sensors and actuators have already been installed to monitor energy performance – how can this be developed further for the benefit of visitors to the building? Can interactive media and architectural design trigger more sustainable user behaviour? Will this, in future, have an effect on the design and construction of buildings?

Examples will be taken from design proposals by KTH students, exhibited in the Dome of Visions (see poster and welcome to vernissage Monday 11 April 15.00), and which contribute future-oriented perspectives to campus life, based on a new experimental building with student flats, soon to be built on campus, the KTH Live-In Lab (
The seminar is hosted by the research group KTH Smart Spaces: Architecture and Interactive Media It will either be held in English or in Swedish, depending on the participants’ preference. Invited speakers will contribute short introductory statements, from which an open discussion follows.

Contributions by: Charlie Gullström and Pablo Miranda Carranza/KTH School of Architecture, Alex Jonsson/Evothings, Linda Teng/Semrén & Månsson Architects, Jonas Anund Vogel/KTH Live In Lab, Leif Handberg/KTH Media Technology and Interaction Design.

Students, researchers, practitioners, passersby – all welcome!

Seminar will be in English.



12 april


12:00 - 16:00

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