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05 oktober
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A seminar series with SEI and KTH

Part Seven: Africa and the New Urban Agenda

By 2050, two thirds of the global population will live in urban areas, and nearly 90% of urban population growth will take place in low- and middle income countries. Africa is currently growing faster than any other region. The negative consequences are well known, with millions of people in undignified and dangerous environments. But urban growth is also accompanied by higher literacy, democratic space and improved health, as well as economic opportunities. Informal settlements that may appear to be dysfunctional pockets of underdevelopment are bustling with entrepreneurship and creativity. New solutions emerge and megacities like Lagos and Addis Abeba invest billions in cutting-edge public transport systems.

Do we need to revise our thinking about development and sustainability in Africa’s cities? Will African cities “leapfrog” to green service-based society, skipping the environmental disasters of industrialism altogether? How does this relate to the Habitat 3 meeting in Quito this year, when the global community meets to agree on an Urban Agenda for the coming 20 years?

KTH and SEI invite policy-makers, urbanists/ urban scholars, aid workers, journalists and anyone interested in the urban sustainable transformations to this seminar, for a discussion about cities in Africa and the New Urban Agenda.


15:00 Welcome and introduction
Eva Malmström Jonsson, Deputy President, KTH
David Nilsson, researcher, KTH

15:20 Speakers:
Urbanism in the global South: a new era in our thinking about cities?
Henrik Ernstson, researcher, KTH and African Centre for Cities, Cape Town

Understanding sanitation as the cornerstone of sustainable development.
Sarah Dickin, Research Fellow, SEI

Exploring complexities surrounding behavior change for urban sustainability
Nelson Ekane, researcher, KTH and SEI

What could cooperation with cities in Africa look like in 2030?
Nayoka Martinez Bäckström, Program Manager, Sida

16:20 Discussion with speakers and invited guests
What is the role of knowledge and research in Africa’s New Urban Agenda?

Guests: Victor Adetula, Head of Research, Nordic Africa Institute
Ilda Lindell Lourenco, Stockholm University, and Sida’s Research Council

17:00-17:30 Mingle and Snacks




05 oktober


15:00 - 17:30

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