VR Sci Film Festival day 1

13 maj
VR i Almedalen 2016. Foto: Joakim Kröger

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First major international scientific VR festival to be held in May at KTH in Stockholm!
VR Sci_Fest is a free open event for students, citizens & guests of Stockholm aimed to explore spherical world of Science!

VR_Sci Film Festival
The VR Scientific Film Festival will be held at the Dome of Visions at KTH, featuring more than 30 VR films about science and technology screening simultaneously in 30 VR headsets.

The VR Scientific Film Festival is organized around eight themes:
• people & society
• technology & engineering
• earth and environment
• medicine & human body
• city & urbanism
• information technology
• space & astronomy

In the Dome of Visions you are also welcome to try VR-headsets and Microsoft Hololens. No need to sign up or get tickets for that.

VR_Sci Expo
Interactive stations from major businesses such as NCC, Telia, Intel and Fjörd Accenture will allow visitors to be involved in different R&D VR cases.
In addition, the academic projects from MIT, Stanford, CERN and other top universities will present projects from their VR Labs.
The Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship in collaboration with VR Sverige will organize a VR Sci Startups Alley, where small and upcoming companies can present their Sci-VR cases.

Workshops over the following two days will explore the use of VR and augmented reality in such areas as communication, living services and construction, representing perspectives from both international academic research centers and industrial R&D.

Outside the campus, a number of venues in the heart of Stockholm will open their doors to the public: VR & Art exhibition will be held at the creative space, Färgfabriken, VR & media at Epicenter digital house.

The motto of KTH is Vetenskap & Konst, or Science & Art, which fits any VR project where high tech and scientific ideas meet the creative process of high level visualization. VR can help us to see the unseen.
Opening hours may change.



13 maj


11:00 - 18:00

No need to sign up - welcome!


Valhallavägen 79