A meeting place for sustainable conversations

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At its core, the Dome of Visions is a meeting place that challenges the traditional view of how we create a sustainable society by providing the conditions for a dynamic program of activities that welcomes different parties and perspectives, preferably in unexpected constellations and across industry boundaries. Haven’t been here yet? You’re welcome to attend some of our open events.



The building can be dismantled – the idea is that it can easily be moved and placed in a unused area of urban space. The building, currently standing in Gothenburg, was located in Stockholm from 2015 to 2017.

The inspiration behind the Dome of Visions is the world-famous architect Buckminster Fuller, who had well-developed plans to cover the central parts of New York’s Manhattan with a geodesic dome in the 1960s. Long before the term was defined, most of his ideas and visions were related to a sustainable future. You can read more about Fuller here.

Choice of material in the Dome of Visions

Most of the materials in the Dome of Visions are biodegradable or recyclable. We have refrained from using less sustainable materials, such as concrete, glass and mineral wool.

…the base is 65 tons of solid wood.
…the façade is made from 145 plates of 6-millimeter polycarbonate plastic.
…the framework is supported by 316 beams and 238 securing straps.
…held together with 7,500 screws, of which 3,500 are in the façade.
The beams are made from beech and the inner building consists of solid spruce. All wood is from certified forests, where more trees are planted than harvested.

Blurring the lines between inside and out – landscape architecture

Verdant walls, seats with integrated planting areas, trees and raised garden beds with edible crops… White Arkitekter, which is responsible for the landscape architecture in the Dome of Visions, has created a dynamic environment where different green modules are repeated to create a changing surface.

The choice of plants has largely been decided based on their edibility. Trees include fruit trees, such as apple, plum and pear. Fruit trees also have an aesthetic function as they provide beautiful blossoms in the spring and offer plenty of greenery. Some of the trees bear fruit far into the autumn — perhaps even into the winter.

The Dome of Visions in Gothenburg is a partnership project between NCC, Chalmers, Volvo Group and Lindholmen Science Park. NCC is the owner of the building and the concept.

NCC in cooperation with:

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Dome of Visions sponsors:

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