A partnership project

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The Dome of Visions in Gothenburg is a partnership project between NCC, Chalmers, Volvo and Lindholmen Science Park. NCC is the owner of the building and the concept.

The strength in the partnership between these partners is the development opportunities that can be created in the interface between sustainable urban development and sustainable transport. Dome of Visions, as a project, will be able to serve, for example, as an arena and platform for discussion, debates and presentation of ideas and results that are initiated within the partnership.

The aim is for the project to serve as an arena for visionary discourse, seminars and meetings related to Sustainability and Innovation between several parties, such as the city, industry, academia, culture and the public.

In addition to the meetings and events that the parties hold in the Dome of Visions, the aim is for both the parties and external organizations and companies to schedule events in the Dome. It is intended that certain events will be open to the public. The objective is also to undertake shared events in the Dome of Visions to generate synergies between the parties’ business activities and spheres of interest in the areas of: Sustainability, Innovation and the Human Being in focus.

There is a program coordinator for the project, who is responsible for leading the larger, shared events.