Architect Kristoffer Tejlgaard

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Dome of Visions under öppningen

Architect Kristoffer Tejlgaard was inspired by the architect Buckminster Fuller when he designed the Dome of Visions in Copenhagen, where it attracted much attention when it was built in 2013. In the Dome of Visions in Sweden, Tejlgaard has taken sustainable architecture to new heights.

Since the Dome of Visions was built in Sweden, the dome in Copenhagen has been dismantled. Instead, a new and larger Dome of Visions 3.0 has been built in the Port of Aarhus. Read more about it here.

Resource-efficient construction

Tejlgaard’s intention has always been to build as resource-efficiently as possible. Therefore, he began by considering the usage of materials for the Dome of Visions in Sweden. In Copenhagen, the transparent polycarbonate plastic plates used in the Dome of Visions had, for example, a large number of corners, while in Stockholm they have a squarer form. This has significantly reduced material use, which is a major achievement in terms of sustainability.

The components used in the Dome of Visions can be taken apart and rebuilt. Together they form a climate shell that is watertight and has good insulating properties – perfect for the seasonal variations we have here in Stockholm. Kristoffer Tejlgaard has adapted the façade to take into account the burden on the building from snow during the winter months. During the summer months, fresh air is provided via a top vent in the ceiling, which is controlled by small motors.

The Dome of Visions can be dismantled and moved in order to take advantage of unused areas in the urban space. When the time comes to dismantle the building for good, then it can be recycled.