Global Sustainable Development Goals and the Dome of Visions

What do the Sustainable Development Goals entail?

The UN’s 193 member states have committed to 17 global goals for the year 2030 to:

  1. End poverty in all its forms everywhere
  2. Reduce inequality within and among countries
  3. Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts
  4. Promote just, peaceful and inclusive societies

These global goals are the most ambitious agreement on sustainable development that have ever been made. They form a plan for how, together, we can make the world a better place for everyone.

All activities at the Dome of Visions are based on the Sustainable Development Goals, something we’re very proud of. The building itself is mobile and can be rebuilt and the refreshments served are sustainable. To book the Dome for an event, you need to specify how the theme is connected to the Sustainable Development Goals, including the specific goals to which the event relates.

Do you want to read more and take a test that shows how you can help? has easy-to-understand information about the Sustainable Development Goals if you’d like to learn some more. There’s also a test where you can answer questions about your life and your values to generate a personal to-do list with concrete tips on what you can do to contribute to these important goals and become more aware of the goals.

By reading this far, you’ve already started to think about how to make the world a little better.

A warm welcome to the Dome of Visions for even more inspiration along the way!

The team behind the Dome