An Alternative to Batteries?

22 januari

Dela i sociala medier

Come and listen to Chalmers research students presenting their latest research work for you. You don’t need previous knowledge about the students’ research topic and will get a glimps of the latest. 

The popular science presentation is a mandatory element in the doctoral education at Chalmers. You will take part of the newest scientific results and ideas and the researcher will present the work for a public environment in a language that anyone can understand. This will make this new research visible in an accessible way to a broad audience. 

Andreas Buchberger, Making Sense from Nonsense
Everyday, we heavily rely on web services like social networks, video streaming, or sending message, among others. Each time we do so, messages are transmitted either via cable or the cellular network between a data center and our smartphone or computer. This transmission is not error free – sometimes it happens due to interference and noise that the message is corrupted. Luckily, it is possible to design algorithms that detect and correct these kinds of errors. In this talk, we will explore the basic concepts of detecting and correcting errors. We then take an example and dive into one specific algorithm to practically show that it works.

Claudia Goebel, Fuel Cells – An Alternative to Batteries?
With the shift from fossil fuels as our primary energy source to green energy sources such as solar, wind, and hydro power, the need for highly efficient, as well as green, energy storage systems and with that also green energy conversion systems is rising. Nowadays the most commonly known energy conversion systems are batteries, however other systems also exist, for example fuel cells. In comparison to batteries fuel cells have some advantages, for example they do not require recharging. Still fuel cells have not yet managed to become equally important as batteries in our daily life and during this talk I will give some of the reasons why that is as well as an outlook into the future of fuel cells. Additionally, I will also introduce you to some exciting fields were fuel cells are already being used, for example in data centres and for the next generation of the Mars rover.

Elena Malz – Will there be flying wind turbines in the future?
In the recent year, researchers and companies started to explore airborne wind energy (AWE), a technology that harvests wind energy means a kite that is tethered to the ground.
In my talk I want to give an insight into the basic concept of an AWE system and the challenges this technology is facing. Can kites compete with the established wind turbines on the power market? So far, studies have shown that the answer to this question is largely dependent on the local wind conditions, the system design and the system cost. However, in general a relatively similar power production of both technologies can be expected, which is a disadvantage for the new AWE technology.

Viktor Stenberg – Hydrogen = A fuel of the future – But how can we produce it?
In order to limit the global warming within two degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels dramatic changes are needed in the global energy system. Hydrogen is considered to be of central importance in this effort which mainly results from that Hydrogen is versatile (can be produced and used in many different ways), a clean fuel (nothing but water vapor is produced) and it could be used for energy storage. Although the many benefits and prospects for a society based on hydrogen all hydrogen is at present produced with fossil fuels in an unsustainable way. I will present what the production process looks like today as well as some ideas how it could be produced in the future to target a more sustainable energy system.

16.00 Introduction Dome of Vision
16.05 – 17.30 Research presentations

The presentations will be held in english.

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22 januari


16:00 - 17:30


Chalmers/Dome of Visions

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