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11 december

Dela i sociala medier

Come and listen to Chalmers research students presenting their latest research work for you. You don’t need previous knowledge about the students’ research topic and will get a glimps of the latest. 

The popular science presentation is a mandatory element in the doctoral education at Chalmers. You will take part of the newest scientific results and ideas and the researcher will present the work for a public environment in a language that anyone can understand. This will make this new research visible in an accessible way to a broad audience. 

Let there be 5G – Rahul Devassy
Contemporary technologies that enable ubiquitous mobile broadband are known as the fourth generation or 4G communication technology. Around the world there is a collective effort, both from industry and academia, to transition to the next generation known as 5G. And my PhD research deals with mathematical modelling of one crucial component of 5G known as feedback communication. In this talk, I will provide a brief history of communication technologies and a short description of my contribution.

Caching, and the future of data download – Jesper Pedersen
Every two years we double the amount of information we store. This implies that we will create as much data in the next two years as was created since the beginning of time until today. From this enormous library, we expect to be able to download content to our mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, at any time, anywhere we are. This puts immense pressure on cellular networks, already operating close to theoretical limits. One of the most promising solutions is to store content closer to end users, which is the technique known as caching.

How fiber-optic communication systems works – Arni Alfredsson
The majority of people uses the Internet today to, e.g., read the news, watch movies, and play games. When we use the Internet, we exchange information in the form of data with various places around the world. What enables us to do this are communication systems, which are used to transfer data between different places. A special type of communication systems uses light and optical fibers. These systems are called fiber-optic communication systems and are able to transfer enormous amounts of data. They are used all over the globe and form the foundation of the Internet today. In this presentation, I will discuss how fiber-optic communication systems work, which problems arise when data is transferred from one location to another in these systems, and how we deal with some of these problems so the data can be transferred successfully.

Should we be worried about 5G? – Johan Östman

In this short presentation, we will discuss the health concerns that have been raised due to the deployment of new 5G systems. We do not take side in this talk, instead, the main arguments of both the critics and the non-critics are introduced from an objective viewpoint. The main goal of the talk is to provide enough information for each member of the audience to form his/her own opinion of the matter.

16.00 Introduction Dome of Vision
16.05 – 17.30 Research presentations

The presentations will be held in english.

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11 december


16:00 - 17:30


Chalmers/Dome of Visions

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