Lindholmen Sustainability Talks

22 februari
Picture of Amanda Borneke, sustainability coach

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Sustainability talent Amanda Borneke shares the three secrets to successful sustainability work.

Sustainability is all around us in Gothenburg – from small-scale food initiatives to large infrastructure projects – every day new ideas sprout that contribute to a sustainable society. But how can we share these ideas to engage others and inspire more people to take action? In this talk, Amanda Borneke, sustainablity coach and chosen by Aktuell Hållbarhet as one of 2019’s young sustainability talents, will share her 3 top secrets to successful sustainability work.

Does your company aim to be a responsible and relevant driver of positive change? Increase your chances by joining us for a recurrent series of sustainable breakfasts, listening to inspirational speakers, networking with Lindholmen based companies, trying to increase focus and awareness and sharing ideas around sustainability, as well as challenge each other being best in class.

Breakfast & mingle
08:00-08:30: Amanda Borneke: Three secrets to succesful sustainability work
08:30-08:45: Questions & Discussion
08:45-09:00: Wrap-up & Mingle

Including a sustainable breakfast!



22 februari


07:30 - 09:00

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