Meeting room for rent

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Dome of Visions at KTH closes on 23/10 2017 and will move to another Swedish city. A warm thank you to all our visitors and partners in Stockholm!

Inspiring meeting room

Are you interested in renting a meeting room in the Dome of Visions? If so, please contact us with a notification of interest. The building is booked for various events most of the year, but there is occasionally a free time.

There is space at the Dome of Visions for up to 149 people. The outer room includes a sound system for speech and background music. In the inner room, you have access to a projector, screen and connectivity hub for your laptop, and a sound system for speech. The sound system includes a handset and five headsets. There is space in the inner room for up to 50 people including a speaker for a theater-style presentation, though it is more comfortable for about 40 guests.

Dressing for the season

Do remember that the Dome of Visions is a research project on seasonal climate. This means the inner building has an indoor climate while the temperature in the outer room, between the house and the shell, varies with the season and weather. It is only heated by the sun and by the people using the space. The climate shell does protect you from the wind, rain and the worst of the bitter cold, but between November and March it is essentially as cold as outdoors. An extra warm jumper is recommended during the winter months. During the spring, summer and early autumn the situation is the opposite as the summer climate is extended.