Smart Roads – let Galileo find your way

12 november

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The presentation will be held in English

11.30-16 Test the acuracy of your mobile phone GPS

16-18 Seminar

Galileo-ConstellationIn which way does navigation from space help us to find the best way at the same time as making our roads more intelligent.

Today there’s hardly anyone who can get from a to b without a gps or a smartphone. But what other untapped opportunities does this technology accomodate.

nI Dome of Visions we’ll conduct a seminar in the subject and in addition we’ll have a monter in which you can test the precision of your iphones GPS.


  • ProgramWelcome, Hans Säll, business development officer NCC Roads,GPS/GNSS today: How? What? Why?, Milan Horemuz: docent i geodesi.The use of GPS-technic within NCC today, Jonny Särås, area manager, NCC RoadsThe GPS-system revaels our traffic behavior, Erik Jenelius, assisting lecturer in public transport, ABE, KTHDiscussion: How can we use GPS/GNSS better? What is the next in line for the scientist to study?
    Moderator: Birgitta Norberg, kommunikationsstrateg NCC Roads


  • Milan Horemuz: docent in geodesy. Research and teaching about geodetic surveying methods and laser scanning.
  • Mohammad Bagherbandi: docent in geodesy. Research about the Earth’s gravity field and its use for determination of so called ”Moho discontinuity”, which is a boundary between crust and mantel. Teaching about geodetic surveying methods.
  • Huaan Fan: PhD in geodesy. Research and teaching about map projections, reference systems and data processing methods.
  • Majid Abrehdary: PhD student. Research about ”Moho discontinuity”.
  • Mohammad Amin Alizadeh Khameneh: PhD student. Research about optimisation of geodetic networks.
  • Mehdi Shafiei Joud: PhD student. Research about satellite altimetry, the Earth’s gravity field and its application for determination of oceans’ topography.KTH,


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12 november


10:30 - 18:00

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